People & Careers

Learning & Development

As operator of oil and gas fields in Papua New Guinea and exploration activities in the Middle East and North Africa, Oil Search recognises that developing the skills and capabilities of our people is of vital importance.

Oil Search offers an exciting and rewarding work environment where employees are ready to meet the challenges of the future.


Oil Search takes a ‘holistic’ view of the individual and believes that learning and development must simultaneously comprise both technical and non-technical skills for a person to be successful. All employee development programmes follow the ‘Employee Life-Cycle’ – that is, orientation to the Oil Search culture, achievement of required competency standards and maintenance of competency.

To achieve this end, core Oil Search programmes include:

  • Orientation
  • Access to Higher Education
  • Oil Search Graduate Development Program
  • Succession Planning
  • Vocational Development


To support the Oil Search culture, all new employees attend the Oil Search Orientation programme. Conducted over 12 months, the programme informs people about Oil Search’s business through meetings with key personnel, training and briefings. There is particular emphasis in the programme on the Company’s approach to health, safety and the environment. The Heath, Safety, Environment and Security Induction and the Code of Conduct Induction programmes are completed online.

Access to Higher Education

Oil Search provides various forms of support to employees who need to go to higher educational institutions such as colleges and universities. Currently Oil Search employees are completing a range of post graduate qualifications through universities in Papua New Guinea and Australia.

Oil Search Graduate Development

The primary purpose of the Graduate Development Programme is to identify and develop a pool of high potential graduates that will provide Oil Search with highly trained and qualified professionals and potential future leaders. The programme has the following aims:

  • To partner with colleges/universities to identify high potential graduates
  • Introduce new graduates to the Oil Search culture and prepare them as potential professional employees
  • Assist graduates to develop within their respective disciplines for possible job opportunities
  • Expose graduates to other related job disciplines to gain a wider range of experience
  • Provide project assignments to equip graduates with job skills and techniques
  • Assist graduates to develop to their full potential through development planning and mentoring.

The Oil Search graduate recruitment campaign commences in PNG in the middle of each year. We advertise on our company web site and in the local media. Our graduate recruitment campaigns seek to attract the best candidates from a range of disciplines while holding true to our values, including diversity.

Succession Planning

Our People are critical to our future success. As a result, talent management (identification, placement, development and retention) is a strategic lever for Oil Search in creating value and achieving competitive advantage.

Key aspects of the Company’s approach to succession planning are:

  • Active movement of talented people into development and high impact roles
  • Provision of development opportunities tailored for each individual’s situation, performance level and potential

Vocational Development

At Oil Search, people have the opportunity to undertake a range of development options to support them in their current and future careers. In Papua New Guinea Oil Search is recognised nationally as a provider of apprentice qualifications. The Company’s core strategy is to continually develop its portfolio of vocational offerings that provide Oil Search people with a range of externally recognised qualifications. Many of these are supported through best practice delivery strategies such as online learning.