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The use of this system is restricted to OSL authorised activity. Any unauthorised access, use or modification is prohibited. Unauthorised users may face criminal penalties. Use of this system is monitored and recorded.

The health, safety and security of everyone associated with Oil Search operations is central to the way we operate.

The pre-arrival country briefings provide information about a number of important issues that all travellers should be aware of before they depart for their destination.

The travel briefings are intended for everyone who include: employees, contractors and visitors.

Access to the briefing is via the link displayed below and a username and password is required. These are issued by the travel service and are for use by Oil Search for travelers only.

You'll find useful advice on culture, health, safety, security, transport, driving, commercial and charter air services and things to do before you depart.

Every traveller is required to read the information and direct all enquiries to their sponsor/manager in the first instance.

Enquiries about the content of this page may be directed to the following email:

Please use the link below:

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