We are committed to the timely and balanced disclosure of all material matters to shareholders and the wider investment community and to engaging with them through regular two-way communication.

Oil Search is listed on the Australian and Port Moresby security exchanges (share code: OSH) and its American Depositary Receipts (ADRs) trade on the US Over the Counter market (share code: OISHY).

Several procedures ensure we comply with continuous disclosure requirements. These help to ensure that trading in our securities occurs in an informed marketplace. Oil Search’s Share Trading Policy and associated procedure expressly prohibits employees from entering into transactions in financial products that limit the economic risk of participating in unvested entitlements under equity-based remuneration schemes.

All our shareholder communications comply with ASX Listings Rules around disclosure. Our Public Disclosure Policy documents how we do this.

We are committed to:

  • Providing all investors with equal and timely access to material information concerning our company, including its financial position, performance, ownership and governance.
  • Making company announcements that are factual and presented in a clear and balanced way that discloses both positive and negative information.
  • Ensuring we dont selectively or inadvertently disclose materially price sensitive information.
  • We provide clear, meaningful and timely information on Company activities, performance and governance.

As Oil Search is incorporated in PNG, our AGM is held in Port Moresby. To facilitate wider participation by shareholders inside and outside PNG, we webcast this and other shareholder meetings and load the transcripts onto the Releases section of our website as soon as possible. We also regularly update the Releases section of our website with information about our business activities, financial and operating performance, key events calendar, ASX announcements and governance practices. All online documents are archived for more than a decade.

Members of our senior management team regularly undertake domestic and international investor roadshows and participate in investor and industry forums, both locally and overseas. Our Board Chair meets regularly with shareholders and members of the wider investment community. Communication with shareholders is largely driven by the Managing Director and the General Manager Investor Relations and Communications.

See Stakeholder Engagement for further detail on how we engage with shareholders and other stakeholders.