We have many high achievers at Oil Search who continue to strive for success through a variety of pathways.

  • Gabriel is responsible for the upkeep of equipment at the Oil Search Agogo Processing Facility in his role as oil field Mechanic. The journey he took to reach that level is one of humility, courage and determination.
  • Wendy (pictured - middle) joined Oil Search through the Apprenticeship Programme, formerly the Process Technician Programme, qualifying as one of the first ever female novices in this technical trade.
  • Eddie leads a high-performing team where anything less than a 100% focus on safety is a matter of life and death for our colleagues. Eddie was PNG’s first aeronautical engineer and has been working with Oil Search since 2012.
  • Our diverse group of engineers includes the talented, young Serah, a female national at the Kutubu Central Processing Facility (CPF) who has just completed her Masters of Science specialising in Petroleum Engineering.
  • Chelsea (pictured - right) is part of Oil Search's senior management team, as Group Treasurer, having worked with the Company since 2012.

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