We have many high achievers at Oil Search who continue to strive for success through a variety of pathways.

  • Being responsible for an entire gas production facility with high value assets can be no easy job but for Wendy, it’s in her DNA. As a fully trained Oil Search process technician, Wendy is now the company’s first female Production Supervisor, and maybe even the country’s.
  • A trained process technician at an oil and gas facility is expected to minimise equipment downtime in order to maximise production and do so safely – a highly critical role no doubt. You must meet expectations or you exceed them and for Lydia, Oil Search and PNG’s pioneering female process technician, it also means breaking new ground and creating a pathway for others.
  • Meet Grace, a Chemist at the Oil Search Petroleum Laboratory in Kutubu, Southern Highlands. She tests and certifies Jet A-1 fuel according to ASTM International Standards, the recognised international Test Methods for Aviation Turbine Fuels.
  • A passion for exploring the unknown, Julianne channels her inquisitive nature to analyse geological and geophysical data gathered in the field to help map out the unchartered territory - the history of a basin and where oil and gas may be found.
  • Chelsea (pictured - right) is part of Oil Search's senior management team, as Group Treasurer, having worked with the Company since 2012.

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