Graduate programme empowering PNG

Oil Search is continuing to make significant investments in developing Papua New Guineans in the petroleum industry.

The company recently conferred certificates of completion to nine graduates from various disciplines within the organisation. These graduates successfully completed a Return on Investment presentation which formed part of their assessment as a conclusion to the Graduate Development Programme.

Representing the graduating cohort Gloria Arabagali thanked Oil Search on behalf of her peers for the opportunity given for them to excel in their respective fields.

“We are thankful for the opportunity to be part of the graduate programme, because we’ve learnt a lot and have grown with the company,” Ms Arabagali said.

Ms Arabagali said that through the programme they were rotated through different roles and departments, which help the graduates to broaden their depth of knowledge in the industry and the company.

“The graduate programme gave us that exposure to grow in our depth of knowledge and understanding Oil Search and also about the Oil and Gas industry,” Ms Arabagali added.

Oil Search General Manager Production Matt Stone said that through the graduate programme, the company is looking towards the future in terms of developing future Papua New Guineans leaders for the business.

“We’ve started to think about these things meaningfully, we’ve started to think about what our company looks like now and what we want to it to look like in the future,” Mr Stone said.

He said that through the graduate programme, Oil Search was able to identify and select the best candidates and start moulding these future leaders of the company.

“With the graduate and technical people we are able to develop leadership through a number of different ways in our organisation and build that base to grow from,” he said.

The successful graduates were originally selected from the PNG University of Technology in Lae, University of Papua New Guinea and the Divine Word University in Madang.

The graduates who successfully completed their internship are; Lala Akera (Graduate Lab Chemist), Biang Kanasa (Graduate Lab Chemist, James Pasuk (Graduate Petroleum Engineer), Nahum Gima (Graduate Electrical Engineer), Dominic Sakato (Graduate Mechanical Engineer), Perry Gene (Safety & Risk Graduate) and Gloria Arabagali (Finance Graduate), Greg Kebaja (Community Affairs) and Obaha Nouairi (Support Service Graduate).

The Oil Search Graduate programme is a revised program which was launched in 2014 offering new graduates a blend of on the job and workshop based development.

The three year programme consists of three to six placements that are primarily in the graduate’s areas of technical specialty. The programme also seeks to build personal leadership in graduates and broaden technical disciplines in respective fields.