With one of the world’s least accessible and most expensive power systems, delivering reliable, clean and competitively priced power in PNG is a priority for both the PNG Government and our Company.

Delivering access to power is a logical extension of our core business expertise and is a part of our climate change strategy. It aligns with the PNG Government’s development and climate change priorities and the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Its significant economic, health and educational benefits contribute to a stable operating environment for our operations.

Our Power Strategy in PNG focuses on biomass renewable energy, gas-fired power and domestic LNG distribution for mining, power generation and transport.  

Oil Search Power Holdings, Oil Search’s power business, is working with partners to strengthen the power value chain by creating sustainable long-term power options based on a three tiered power portfolio:

  • NiuPower -  is focused on domestic power production through the gas-fired Port Moresby power station and the Highlands Power Project.
  • NiuEnergy - is developing gas supply chain capability for domestic power generation and industrial use in coastal centres around PNG.
  • PNG Biomass - in the Markham Valley is a long-term renewable energy initiative that will use wood chips from tree plantations , grown and sustainably harvested in the Morobe Province, to provide low-cost, renewable and reliable biomass power.

See the Oil Search Power Holdings for more information on our power business and our Climate Change Resilience Report for how we assist PNG in meeting its climate and development objectives.