The changing scope and scale of natural disasters has altered how disaster management is addressed. Businesses and non-for-profit organisations are increasingly becoming central to the process, offering capital support and supporting community recovery and restoration.

Oil Search recognises that we can make a contribution  to improving community resilience and addressing natural disaster management. We do this through Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) that use a multi-faceted, multi-disciplinary approach to provide access to resources, skilled services, emergency response and redevelopment, and in-kind donations.

Climate resilience

Oil Search also supports programmes aimed at strengthening community resilience. We have partnered with PNG’s Climate Change and Development Authority (CCDA) to develop and demonstrate climate adaptation initiatives that contribute to the resilience of PNG communities. This PPP will explore areas of mutual interest regarding climate change adaptation, share and leverage knowledge, and contribute to PNG’s National Determined Contributions adaptation targets.

Drought relief

More than 90% of households in our host communities in PNG depend on income from traditional subsistence living. This continues to be undermined by natural disasters and the impacts of climate change. Oil Search’s Drought Relief Support (DRS) was established in 2015 in response to the 2015-16 drought in PNG. DRS works to improve access to clean water and sanitation, food security, and nutrition for communities impacted by the drought and the 2018 earthquake.