Most of our operating locations are in rural and remote areas that can lack adequate public health care services and infrastructure. Where there is a marked difference between services available to our workforce and those available to local people, this could present a risk to our operational stability.

We have provided host communities with access to health services since 1992.

Through our participation in the Infrastructure Tax Credit Scheme (ITCS), we also support the PNG Government’s development, rehabilitation and maintenance of health care facilities in our host communities.

OSF has delivered our community health programmes in PNG since 2011. The programmes are aligned with PNG’s national health priorities and the Foundation seeks out opportunities to help strengthen the country’s health systems, processes and service delivery.

OSF staff work in partnership with the National Department of Health, Provincial and local governments, partner NGOs and international donors. OSF continues to make material inroads in the following health focus areas:

  • Rehabilitating infrastructure,
  • Strengthening health systems (including information collection and analysis), reproductive health (including childbirth and post-natal care),
  • Child immunisation,
  • Controlling malaria and tuberculosis (TB),
  • Family and sexual violence, and
  • HIV testing, treatment, counselling and awareness.

In addition to the work of OSF, we have a network  of on-site clinics and  medical resources  across our operations run by our Medical and Occupational Health Service that can provide health care services to the local community as  well as  our workforce. See Health for more details.

The Service also supports the Foundation by providing clinical expertise when required, such as at the Hela Provincial Hospital, as described in our latest Social Responsibility Report.

Water, sanitation and hygiene (WaSH)

A large proportion of PNG’s rural population have limited access to safe and potable water and sanitation. Coupled with events such as flooding, frost and drought and water and food borne diseases make communities vulnerable to water scarcity and related health and hygiene issues

Oil Search is supporting communities impacted by recent drought and flooding through initiatives that support community access to reliable, clean and safe sources of water.

We also support target communities and schools to have access to clean water, hand washing and sanitation facilities.