The below is an archive of Oil Search Limited data. On 17 December 2021, the merger of Oil Search and Santos was completed. Oil Search is now part of the Santos Group. Santos information can be found at

Oil Search Limited’s dividend payment methods

Please note that shareholders have the option of receiving their dividend payments in one of the following four currencies: Australian dollars, US dollars, British pounds or PNG kina.

Shareholders with a registered address in PNG who elect to receive their dividend payments in PNG kina can receive their payment via direct credit to their PNG kina bank account or via a PNG kina cheque.

Shareholders who elect to receive their dividend payments in US dollars will be paid via mandatory direct credit to their nominated US dollar bank account.

Shareholders who elect to receive their dividend payments in British pounds will be paid via mandatory direct credit to their nominated British pound bank account.

Shareholders with a registered address in Australia who elect to receive their dividend payments in Australian dollars will be paid via mandatory direct credit to their nominated Australian dollar bank account.

Any shareholders not registered in Papua New Guinea, the United States, the United Kingdom or Australia and who do not elect to receive their dividend in the respective currencies of those countries, will receive their dividend payments via an Australian dollar cheque.

For full details on Oil Search’s dividend payment methods, please click here.

Dividend Reinvestment Plan

The Dividend Reinvestment Plan (“DRP”) gives eligible shareholders the opportunity to reinvest some or all of their Oil Search eligible dividends in additional Oil Search shares, free of brokerage and transaction costs, as described fully in this booklet which contains a summary of the DRP and the DRP rules. The DRP is a convenient, easy and cost-effective way to build your shareholding in Oil Search by using your cash dividends to acquire additional Shares.

Participation in the DRP is voluntary. If you do not participate you will still receive your cash dividend. If you choose to participate, you may vary or cancel your participation in accordance with the DRP rules.

Currently, the operation of the DRP is suspended. However, you may still elect to participate in the DRP and your election will be recorded against your shareholding for future participation should the Oil Search Board choose to recommence the operation of the DRP.

Oil Search Dividend Reinvestment Plan Booklet

Dividend History

Ordinary Shares

Payment TypeRecord DatePayment DatePayment Rate
2019 Final Dividend04-Mar-2024-Mar-200.04500.06790.15380.0346
2019 Interim Dividend04-Sep-1924-Sep-190.05000.07330.17010.0405
2018 Final Dividend06-Mar-1928-Mar-190.08500.12100.28670.0649
2018 Interim Dividend05-Sep-1825-Sep-180.02000.02780.06640.0155
2017 Final Dividend07-Mar-1829-Mar-180.05500.07050.17820.0397
2017 Interim Dividend06-Sep-1726-Sep-170.04000.04960.12800.0304
2016 Final Dividend08-Mar-1730-Mar-170.02500.03320.07940.0205
2016 Interim Dividend07-Sep-1627-Sep-160.01000.01300.03170.0075
2015 Final Dividend09-Mar-1631-Mar-160.04000.05390.12250.0281
2015 Interim Dividend08-Sept-1529-Sept-150.06000.08630.16900.0393
2014 Final Dividend11-Mar-1508-Apr-150.08000.10500.21190.0531
2014 Special Dividend11-Mar-1508-Apr-150.04000.05250.10600.0265
2014 Interim Dividend11-Sep-1407-Oct-140.02000.02180.04950.0123
2013 Final Dividend13-Mar-1408-Apr-140.02000.02220.04840.0120
2013 Interim Dividend12-Sep-138-Oct-130.02000.02140.04640.0126
2012 Final Dividend14-Mar-1309-Apr-130.02000.01940.04260.0134
2012 Interim Dividend13-Sep-1208-Oct-120.02000.01910.04160.0124
2011 Final Dividend15-Mar-1210-Apr-120.02000.01920.04150.0127
2011 Interim Dividend15-Sep-1110-Oct-110.02000.01950.04490.0127
2010 Final Dividend16-Mar-1108-Apr-110.02000.02020.05160.0124
2010 Interim Dividend17-Sep-1011-Oct-100.02000.02140.05450.0128
2009 Final Dividend17-Mar-1009-Apr-100.02000.02180.05560.0131
2009 Interim Dividend18-Sep-0909-Oct-090.02000.02300.05510.0121
2008 Final Dividend17-Apr-0907-May-090.04000.05560.11800.0268
2008 Interim Dividend26-Sep-0810-Oct-080.04000.04780.10360.0218
2007 Final Dividend07-Mar-0820-Mar-080.04000.04300.11200.0200
2007 Interim Dividend28-Sep-0712-Oct-070.04000.04540.11760.0197
2006 Final Dividend09-Mar-0722-Mar-070.04000.05140.12120.0271
2006 Interim Dividend29-Sep-0613-Oct-060.04000.05340.12050.0214
2005 Final Dividend10-Mar-0623-Mar-060.03000.04090.09260.0173
2005 Special Dividend10-Mar-0623-Mar-060.02000.02730.06170.0115
2005 Interim Dividend16-Sep-0530-Sep-050.02000.02620.06130.0111
2004 Final Dividend11-Mar-0524-Mar-050.03000.03790.09330.0156
2004 Interim Dividend01-Oct-0408-Oct-040.01000.01380.03210.0056
2003 Final Dividend27-Apr-0411-May-040.01000.01360.03230.0056
2003 Special Dividend27-Apr-0411-May-040.01000.01360.03230.0056
2002 Final Dividend09-May-0313-May-030.01000.01550.0363n/a
1997 Final Dividend08-Apr-9822-Apr-98 0.00740.01000.0029
1996 Final Dividend09-Apr-9723-Apr-97 0.00920.01000.0044
1995 Final Dividend09-Jul-9626-Jul-96 0.00990.01000.0050
1994 Final Dividend07-Jul-9524-Jul-95  0.01000.0046
1993 Final Dividend08-Jul-9425-Jul-94 0.02970.0200 
1992 Combined Interim & Final28-May-9302-Jul-93 0.02490.0200 

OSH 2000 Preference Shares - OSHPB

Payment TypeRecord DatePayment DatePayment Rate
2002 Final Dividend07-May-0312-May-03 2.25  
2002 Interim Dividend23-Oct-0211-Nov-02 2.25  
2001 Final Dividend30-Apr-0210-May-02 4.50  
2001 Interim Dividend07-Nov-0112-Nov-01 4.50  
2000 Final Dividend03-May-0110-May-01 4.50  
2000 Interim Dividend03-Nov-0010-Nov-00 4.50  

OSH 1998 Preference Shares - OSHPA

Payment TypeRecord DatePayment DatePayment Rate
1999 Final Dividend01-Jun-0008-Jun-00 4.75  
1999 Interim Dividend01-Dec-9907-Dec-99 2.25  
1998 Final Dividend08-Jun-9908-Jun-99 2.25  
1998 Interim Dividend01-Dec-9807-Dec-98 4.50