To coincide with World Environment Day in June, Oil Search employees were invited to enter a photo and description they felt best captured the beauty of their environment or celebrated the meaning of community into a competition. The winner received a new digital camera.

Over 60 photos and stories were received from across Oil Search, including from employees in PNG, Sydney, Brisbane, and Kurdistan. Nine finalists were identified, including one winner and two runners-up. The winning entries were those which best captured and explained the connection between people, their environment and community.

Consideration of the environment and the local community are important elements of Oil Search's approach to social responsible. Employee initiatives such as this help increase awareness and engagement, assisting Oil Search to embed these elements into 'business as usual'.


Derrick – Information Technology Analyst, PNG
Avatip Village, Ambunti, East Sepik, PNG

"My father always told me that 'Our people move with the river'". It wasn't until I took this photo that I realized what he meant, the river is the life blood of our people, sustaining us for hundreds of years. This photo was taken a day after I buried my father in our village, which I believe expressed the unique relationship our people have with river as well as its beauty."


Pawl – Senior Operations Geologist, Kurdistan
Mountain market, Sulimaniyah, Kurdish Region of Iraq

"I think the photo sums up the Kurdish people very well indeed – Strong, resolute and hardy. In this harsh environment people congregate to share Mother Nature's bounty and enjoy the winter snow together."

Steven – Rig Mechanic, PNG
Usano water source, Nipa-Kutubu, Southern Highlands, PNG

"This photo for me captures happiness, survival and no worries all in one. It shows that with the respect and care that we give to our surroundings sustainability for both OSL and locals can be achieved. With the care given to the water source for our needs this is proof that others benefit and in this case it's with fresh and healthy produce caught fresh each day for the village."

Highly commended

John – Roustabout, PNG
Hoyabia/Itaipu, Tari-Pori, Hela, PNG

"Let us take care of our old people as we do our young ones in the family to maintain a strong, unique and beautiful community. Old people are the ones that have taken care of our parents when they were small and helpless. They've put a lot of time and effort into us all when we were small children. Today is our turn to take care of them."