On 17 December 2021, Oil Search merged with Santos. Oil Search is now part of the Santos Group. You can learn more about Santos operations at www.santos.com

Kutubu Blend


Kutubu Blend comprises crude oil from Oil Search’s operated oil fields and liquids from the PNG LNG Project. Oil production is sourced from the Kutubu, Moran and Gobe fields in the Southern Highlands of Papua New Guinea. PNG LNG liquids are separated from the gas stream at the Hides Gas Conditioning Plant and transported to the Oil Search-operated Kutubu Central Processing Facility where they are blended with the crude oil and piped to the Kumul Marine Terminal, located offshore in the Gulf of Papua, for export.

The combined production averages approximately 55,000 bopd. The standard cargo size is 650,000 barrels.

Whole Crude Properties

Gravity, API° 51.4
Gravity SG 0.7737
Sulphur, wt% 0.030
Total Nitrogen, ppm 174
Acid Number, mg KOH/g <0.10
Pour Point, Upper °C  -36
Viscosity, cSt at 20°C (60°F) 1.230
Vanadium, ppm <1
Nickel, ppm <1