Climate change is a significant global issue that poses the challenge of meeting growing energy demands while ensuring supply is sustainable and affordable. No single sector or technology can tackle this complex issue alone. It requires a coordinated approach by companies, governments and communities.

We believe that all energy sources have a role to play in meeting global energy demand, and each has its own positives and challenges. The consensus of multiple scenarios is that oil and gas will continue to have a major role to play, and that natural gas will be pivotal in the transition to a low-emission energy system.

We support efforts to move towards implementing an effective global climate agreement and advocate for governments to establish a clear, stable policy framework that supports a global warming trajectory of 2°C. This will help the energy industry make informed decisions and effective and meaningful contributions to address climate change. Market mechanisms such as an emissions trading scheme or other carbon-pricing mechanism are an efficient response, and we support these and other measures that improve certainty.

Oil Search supports programmes aimed at strengthening community resilience and has partnered with PNG’s Climate Change and Development Authority (CCDA).

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