Our oil and gas production operations take place in some of the most remote and environmentally sensitive regions in the world. Extracting and processing hydrocarbons can pose a risk to the natural environment, so our facilities and management systems have been designed to manage these risks to the lowest level that is reasonably possible.

All our exploration and production activities must meet our environmental performance requirements, which achieve or exceed those outlined in permits or legislation. Our procedure governing environmental management outlines key requirements for implementing this for all Oil Search assets and activities. Our procedures on environmental assessment provide requirements to systematically identify and assess environmental aspects, potential impacts and their related risks throughout the asset/activity lifecycle.

We engage directly with government authorities to understand local environmental laws and guidelines and, where appropriate, contribute to the development of environmental legislation. To minimise the impacts of our activities on the environment and to ensure effective control, all our drilling, production, processing, refining and export activities in PNG operate under an environmental management system that is certified as ISO 14001  compliant.

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