The remote nature of much of Oil Search’s areas of operation and factors such as dense, steep jungle terrain and Arctic environments present unique challenges for safety management. Our complex supply chain involves multiple contractors who transport personnel and equipment using rivers, bush tracks, ice roads and helicopters. Occasionally, these challenges are compounded by the risk of natural disasters, including landslips, flooding and earthquakes.

The Oil Search safety management approach focuses on the cornerstone principles of strong safety leadership, planning and risk management. The goal of our safety management strategy is to have the right systems and processes in place to always keep our employees, contractors, host and surrounding communities safe. We create a carefully controlled work environment where equipment is well-maintained, work procedures ensure safe operations and staff are well-trained. This includes being prepared for emergencies.

Each year, Oil Search’s internal audit function develops an annual Health, Safety and Environment audit plan. This is reviewed and approved by the Sustainability Committee. The audit plan is focused on key business risks identified through risk assessments, incidents, past audits and new activities. Audits are completed by suitable and qualified personnel, with actions assigned for completion. Audit findings are reviewed by the Board Sustainability Committee (Board SC), which also tracks the closure of high-risk action items.

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