To successfully deliver the objectives of our Company strategy and create value for shareholders, we identify and respond to social responsibility issues that are important to our stakeholders and our business.

Oil Search’s 2020 Social Responsibility Strategy is guided by the principles of our Social Responsibility Policy, is integrated with the Company’s broader strategic objectives and vision and has been endorsed by the Board. It prioritises initiatives and improvement areas with the greatest business value and provides a framework for optimising the positive impact of our social responsibility activities.

The Strategy focuses on the achievement of two measurable goals that address our contribution to the socio-economic development, align with the host government's strategic goals and reflect our commitment to continuous performance improvement.

Making a positive contribution to sustainable development, particularly in PNG, remains a critical part of both our Company and Social Responsibility strategies. We see sustainable development as an important means through which we can manage socio-political stability, and believe the success of this underpins the success of Oil Search.

Making lives better

We aspire to set the standard for private sector contribution to sustainable development

Proud of what we do and how we do it

We seek to adopt industry best practice to manage material social responsibility issues, exceeding stakeholder expectations for governance, environmental and social performance wherever we can

  • Work collaboratively with government, communities and other partners in innovative ways.
  • Generate shared value and a sustainable positive impact .
  • Embed social responsibility considerations into how we work.
  • Ensure continued improvement in areas of our performance that are important to stakeholders.
  • Be transparent about our priorities, performance and challenges.

Engaging and empowering our employees

We seek to provide a workplace that celebrates diversity and supports learning and development and drives high performance

  • Actively engage with and listen to employee ideas and perspectives.
  • Provide skills management, development and learning opportunities that support  continued employability and business needs.

Demonstrating our progress and the positive impact of our commitment to social responsibility is increasingly important, not only for our own people and community partners but for governments, project area communities, our shareholders and other stakeholders. We publicly report our progress against our Social Responsibility Strategy every year in our Social Responsibility Report and benchmark our performance against several leading sustainability indices and surveys.

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